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Mayor Gina Leichty

Gina Leichty


As a business leader, Gina devotes most of her time to turning seemingly impossible tasks into reality. She finds gratification in finding strategic ways to launch and grow businesses with whatever tools are available at the time. Her approach is the foundation of the Goshen team motto, “Solve for Yes.”

Gina has proven her chops in administration, strategic planning, fundraising, public relations, and business development time and again. Gina graduated from Goshen College with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, which developed her passion for effective communication. This, coupled with her love of community development, led her to a career developing successful marketing strategies for businesses, municipalities, and individual clients in both the public and private sectors. Her projects span multi-million dollar corporate campaigns, raising millions of dollars of investment in Goshen through grants and fundraising, launching and guiding non-profits, and supporting small businesses.

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