Letters: Stutsman’s Vision is Contagious

As seen in the Goshen News

As the City of Goshen’s utilities engineer, I serve as an appointed employee at the pleasure of the mayor. In this position, I find myself at an interesting crossroads this election season. Do I sit by quietly or do I come forward and support a specific mayoral candidate, not as a city employee looking to keep a job but as a 17-year resident of Goshen with a family who calls Goshen home?

I’ve been trained as an engineer to identify project goals, develop alternatives, and select options with the greatest benefits. Through evaluation of this year’s mayoral candidates, I have determined that Mary Cripe is an excellent engineer, but she lacks the breadth of understanding and experience to represent all facets of our community.
Jeremy Stutsman, on the other hand, has a track record of being a strong community leader. He has shown financial restraint as a City Council member, and yet has been flexible when it’s for the “Good of Goshen.” Through his personal construction ventures, he has incorporated a level of detail and creative style that has helped transform downtown Goshen into a vibrant destination that many community leaders across the state envy and wish they could replicate.

Come Nov. 3 I’ll be voting for Jeremy Stutsman as Goshen’s next mayor. His personality is vibrant, his vision is contagious, and as mayor he will ably represent the common good of the uncommonly great people of Goshen.

— Dustin Sailor, City of Goshen’s utilities engineer