Letters: Stutsman has support of longtime business owner

As seen in the Goshen News

I need to say first that I am not a resident of Goshen, but I have been in business here for 60 years. Therefore, I am interested in what happens in Goshen. I have worked with people who need guidance in their personal budgeting.

Our business property and Jeremy Stutsman’s property are side-by-side. He has been a helpful and considerate neighbor. That is an indication of his judgment, knowledge, and follow through on problems that he can negotiate.

We need a mayor who is accessible and weighs what is vital to our local climate on day to day issues. One is to encourage our citizens to be employed and concerned about following existing regulations and commitments.

Mr. Stutsman knows that I do not vote in Goshen but he also realizes that I am a taxpayer here and he has taken his time to be helpful.

— Rosealene M. Long, Goshen