Letters: King has integrity

As seen in the Goshen News

King has integrity

I write this letter in support of Goshen candidate for Council-At-Large, Julia King. I got to know Julia primarily through her work as LaCasa’s neighborhood outreach coordinator with the Chamberlain Neighborhood Association, which I chair. Two primary characteristics define Julia’s strength as a candidate for Goshen City Council.
First, Julia is diligent in calling for accountability and transparency in government. She advocated tirelessly for neighborhood associations in addressing the process for property condition hearings at City Board of Works meetings, eventually winning the acknowledgment that neighbors had the right to testify at these hearings. I have no doubt she will continue in this work when elected to City Council.

Second, Julia is a person of her word, and expects the same of others. She always, and I mean always, followed through with her support of our neighborhood association, and prompted us to do the same.

These two characteristics are core manifestations of integrity in a person, something we all want more of in government regardless of party affiliation. I ask you to join me in voting for Julia King for Council-at large on Nov. 3.

— Nathan Mateer Rempel, Goshen

Vote King for good of Goshen

I’ve known Julia King for many years, but that’s not why I’ll be voting for her to be on the Goshen City Council. I’ll be voting for Julia because she is a dedicated public servant interested in the problems and concerns of her fellow citizens. She’s a collaborative listener, who will take the time to hear you out, without passing judgment. She is hard-working and will bring her past experience as a Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator for LaCasa, Inc. to good use in helping to make decisions that will benefit the entire community.

I’ll be voting for Julia because she believes that progress in our community depends on the participation of all of its members. She is honest and forthright in expressing her opinions, but will always be interested in hearing yours. I’ll be voting for Julia on Nov. 3 and hope that for the good of Goshen, you will consider doing the same.

— Liz Rinehart, Goshen