Letters: Goshen mayor endorses Stutsman

I cannot think of anyone better qualified and prepared to lead Goshen than Jeremy Stutsman. I am pleased to endorse his candidacy for mayor. He deserves your support.

Jeremy has worked hard the past eight years as an at-large city councilman, and on the Redevelopment Commission. He has listened carefully to residents and responded thoughtfully. He has voted based on what he thought was best for the city, even when it went against the wishes of those in his political party. As a seventh-generation Goshen resident, he knows this city. He is prepared to lead and manage the city on day one — and that’s important in these complex times.

I know both candidates well. I respect and appreciate Mary Cripe’s work carrying out initiatives under my administration and the City Council. However, Jeremy’s broader government knowledge, his private business experience, and service with not-for-profit organizations better prepares him to be Goshen’s next mayor.
The office of mayor demands a qualified administrator to create and oversee budgets approaching $40 million annually, and to manage 230 employees. Jeremy has done his homework by working with outstanding city department heads, many or all of whom will continue in a Stutsman administration. The knowledge he’s gained by purposefully studying city operations will shorten the learning curve.

Jeremy understands that governing in Goshen starts in the mayor’s office and requires a collaborative effort between businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, service organizations, schools, churches, neighborhood associations, not-for-profits and volunteers who work together to improve our community.

I trust Jeremy to take Goshen from a good place to an even better place. He has the knowledge, experience and training to lead Goshen in a positive direction on behalf of all residents. Please join me in voting for Jeremy Stutsman For Mayor …for the “Good of Goshen.”

— Allan Kauffman, Mayor of Goshen