Campaign Response to Goshen News Article on District 5 Candidate


Jeremy Stutsman and the Working for Goshen Team have been upfront and consistent in our literature, news interviews, and public forums about accepting and welcoming everyone in Goshen. We support inclusion. Local democrat candidates have signed the fair campaign pledge for the last 30 years and continue to honor this pledge.

The Goshen News made clear neither party was part of this information being released:

“The profile page was brought to the Goshen News’ attention this week independent of either political party,”

“To be clear, nobody affiliated with either campaign, played a role in bringing this information to light. And no fair-campaign pledges were violated .”
-printed in The Goshen News Editorial on Saturday, October 24, 2015.

We believe votes should be cast on a candidates track record and qualifications for office. We support Adam Scharf for Goshen City Council as the best candidate for District 5 based on his knowledge of the relevant issues that come before the city council.